About us

Graham Sales Safaris (GSS) is based in Mbombela (45 minutes from the Kruger National Park), which is the capital of Mpumalanga, South Africa’s most eastern province.

All Safaris, whether it is a Trophy hunting Safari or a photographic Safari, all are designed on an individual basis and are tailored to the trophy requirements of each individual client. We believe in fair chase, and ethical hunting, and we provide a service based on passion and professionalism, while being selective in trophy quality.

Sustainable Safari Hunting and conservation go hand in hand. Sustainable Safari hunting, which is the selective use of renewable resources, is one of the best forms of conserving wilderness habitats. Key to this is the human population either living in these areas or within the surrounding wildlife areas. For people to conserve wildlife, they need a financial incentive to make this worthwhile. If wildlife does not contribute to local communities, people will resort to other forms of land use, such as agriculture, which has a negative impact on the wild animals.

Safari hunting only uses old males which make up 5% of the total wildlife population in an area. Out of this population, the annual use would be about 10%. In other words, the actual use is minimal and not damaging to the wildlife resources. Most old males targeted by Safari hunting are past their breeding potential, and at the apex of their life before decline and natural death. After all, our interest at GSS is the long term well-being of all wildlife so that we can continue to enjoy our adventures into the wilderness.



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Graham Sales

Graham Sales was born in South Africa and was fortunate to have had the opportunity to hunt from a young age, alongside his father, on the outskirts of the Kruger National Park.

Graham obtained his Senior certificate in 1992, and completed his South African Military service in 1993, after which he studied Agriculture. In 1998 Graham found himself in the Limpopo Valley and had the opportunity to hunt numerous problem Elephant. Subsequently, Graham started his hunting career in 1999 in the majestic Limpopo Valley of southern Africa.

“Being in the bush is a way of life for me and I am very blessed to have been able to share it with clients and friends alike. I am proud and privileged that I chose this way of life. I believe in hunting hard, utilizing every second and getting results, while ensuring that our clients get the ultimate enjoyment from the Safari.”


PHASA Professional Hunter of the Year 2018.

PHASA “Uncle Stevie” award:  Winner 2004 & 2007.

The prestigious “Uncle Stevie Award” is based on trophy quality.

Professional hunters

Armand Theron

After leaving school Armand wasted no time in getting on with his career and completed his educational studies in Nature & Wildlife Management and returned to the African bush.

While employed as a Level 2 Ranger at Zulu Nyala Safaris he guided all the BIg Five walks and Photographic Safaris.

Armand did his Professional Hunting apprenticeship in Limpopo with Game hunters and became a licensed Professional hunter in 2006 and since then has hunted extensively in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Armand has a reputation as an ethical hunter and his professionalism in all areas of running a Safari makes him an excellent and dedicated Professional hunter that produces excellent results for his clients.

Professional hunter Armand Theron of Graham Sales Safaris Ethical hunting

Chris van Staden

Chris grew up in the Limpopo valley on the Zimbabwean border and still resides in the border town of Musina. Chris has been a full time Professional Hunter since 2000 and is probably one of the most dedicated Professional Hunters I have ever met.

He spends the first part of the hunting season in the Limpopo Valley and then goes up to Mozambique towards the end of the season where he hunts dangerous game.

In short; always calm and collected with a smile on his face.

Professional Hunter of Graham Sales Safaris Chris van Staden Ethical Hunter

Willem Knox

Willem was born and raised in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, where hunting and fishing was part of growing up. He joined the Police force in 1989 where he was a Homicide detective for 16 years. His passion for nature and his love for hunting compelled him to change his career and in 2004 he obtained his Professional hunting license.

Willem and his family reside on one of our hunting blocks just outside the Southern tip of Kruger National Park where he gets the opportunity to hunt numerous dangerous game. He is totally committed to wildlife and conservation as a Professional hunter. His passion became his lifestyle.