“During my 28 years, I have hunted and guided in several different African Countries. Between 2006 and 2010 I obtained the Concession rights to hunt the “Camp fire” Sengwe Safari area in Zimbabwe along the Limpopo River. One of the toughest but most rewarding Safari areas I have hunted, we averaged 60 pound Elephant and 42 inch Buffalo plus a number of Kudu over 60 inches!

Recently I was hired to film a Big Game safari for Graham Sales Safaris on the border of the Niassa Reserve in Mozambique. I was completely blown away by the numbers and quality of game on the concession. Without a doubt the best Big Game Concession I have ever hunted. Encounters with bachelor herds of “Dugga” boys, massive Eland and herds of Roosevelt Sable around every corner. While scouting the concession was exhilarating and a true reflection that Wild Africa still exists. Finding it very frustrating but there are no words to describe this true wilderness safari concession. There is no doubt that Graham Sales Safaris’ Mozambique concession is one of Southern Africa’s very best.

During my time I had my concession in Zimbabwe I was extremely proud to introduce my Clients to the local people and share what I believed at that time was a true African Safari. Since my visit to Mozambique and after completing a 3 week Safari in the Niassa Province with Graham Sales Safaris I would like to invite you on behalf of Graham Sales Safaris to join us and share our passion for this highly productive 988 000 acre Safari area.. blood, sweat, adrenaline and unbeatable trophy quality” 

Todd Lutman – Professional Hunter

To Graham Sales, Professional Hunter and my friend.

In the book “Horn of the Hunter” Ruark shares those thoughts and feelings some of us are lucky enough to experience when moments of “intensity” arise while hunting. My own “luck” and wonderful experiences in South Africa and Tanzania happened solely because of your extraordinary skills.

The care and concern you have shown again and again for Debbie and I, both in camps and in the bush are immensely appreciated and will always be remembered. You are a Professional Hunter’s Professional. Please know that I am your friend for life.

“Captain” Richard Burris – Tucson, Arizona

I have been fortunate to have shared the hunting camp with Graham Sales approximately a dozen times in the three different countries in Africa as well as a couple of states in the U.S.

What keeps me coming back is he really “gets” what I want to do. As I get older I really like to preserve older animals that need to be harvested. Trophy quality is highly emphasized.

He really does go out of his way to accommodate not only my hunting needs but that of my wife or non-hunting companions. The professionalism is outstanding and I highly recommend him for a hunting experience whether a first time safari or one with a seasoned African hunter.

Harold Meyers Dalhart, TX

Hello, Graham!

I hope you are doing well my friend. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate another truly remarkable experience with you.

Being in the outfitting business most of my life I have been fortunate to see all aspects of the industry. I truly know that quality does not happen by accident. I know that after my three hundred plus days on the African continent it is something one always works towards.

Not only are the details of logistics, hunting areas and camp life perfect under your direction, you always exemplify the utmost reverence and respect for the animals we harvest. It is important to me to share that mutual respect with the people I share the wilds of this world with. So many people, hunters and industry professionals, these days go hunting to kill an animal. I appreciate greatly your attention as to why we hunt. Your patience, expertise and professionalism on every animal we harvest together show your passion for what you do. You always acquire great trophy quality by hunting the proper old animals which makes them true trophies in any book.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have shared this last safari with you and my father.  You and I have had many great times on safari in the past thirteen years but having my dad with us created memories that will last my lifetime. I really appreciate your patience and service to him. Your recognition of his skill level and being able to create the situation that best gave him the opportunity to succeed is more than I could ever ask for. Thank you for giving us this wonderful experience.

You are a leader in the hunting industry and great steward of the lands. I appreciate you very much. You will always have my friendship and support.

Very Best Regards

Gary D. Meade – Rancho Tio Moya – Superior Energy Services – 956-245-9718

I have hunted with Graham Sales on six hunts, three different countries over a 12 year period and I have another Safari booked for 2017. Each trip has exceeded my expectations. Last trip I took my two daughters in their mid-twenties, it was the best trip of my entire life and the best trip of their lives also. His professionalism in all aspects of hunting could not be better.

When I return form a hunting trip with Graham, I take great satisfaction that his trophy selection and high standard of hunting ethics only allows that we harvest old mature males whilst very selective in trophy quality – he always puts me on the highest quality animals. He has a great eye for judging trophy quality at a distance.

Again, his principles of only harvesting old mature males are a big factor as to why I continue to hunt with Graham.

I not only have a great Outfitter / PH in Graham but truly one of my closest friends. I highly recommend Graham Sales as an Outfitter for his hard work, his great eye for game and always the best level of personal service.

Dr. Steve Wood – San Antonio, Texas


You are quite brilliant at want you do,  I want to thank you and all the gentleman for an absolutely epic trip. Your patience and dedication made my first safari an experience I will never forget. I would never send anybody anywhere but straight to you. So anyway- thank you Mr. Graham – could never compare this trip to Anything I’ve ever done- and that is All You — see u in Texas

Rachael Carr Magennis – Austin, Texas

We just landed in Denver and are taxiing to the gate. We keep passing our phones back and forth sharing photos and memories. What an amazing time. Thanks so much for your effort, professionalism and friendship. I know I’ll see you again. 

Joe Hicks – Denver, Colorado

What a true blessing for Joe to win your donated hunt in Denver. Not knowing you or much about what we were in for it could have been a trip beset with problems & disappointments. With you, it was truly a pleasure! Everything exceeded my hopes. It was great making new “good” friends with you, Keith, Kaunda and Bogani everyone was on top of their game and professional. It was truly a trip of a lifetime for a dad to do with a son.

I hope that I will have the opportunity to hunt with you again, as I know Joe will. You’ve got a great business model going with your people skills, contacts, and areas of hunting. I know you will be very successful in years to come. One word of encouragement; I was so pleased when you asked me to say a blessing before we ate. That’s the way I grew up and I most strongly believe in Christ as my savior. My mouth and language sometimes camouflage my beliefs for which I regret. Your safety and daily life will be in my prayers as I count you as a real friend. Thanks Graham for making a broken down old man feel alive.

Butch – Denver, Colorado