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Bird Hunting With Graham Sales

Upland bird shooting in South Africa

Wing Shooting with Graham Sales offers a world class walk up shoot over well-trained dogs, we use mostly German Short Haired Pointers for both point and retrieve the birds.

Partridge & Spur Fowl can be found in covies of between five to twenty birds, they sit tight for pointers and burst out in singles or all at once. The Upland bird hunt takes place in 2 different Provinces, namely on my Free State & Limpopo Concessions in South Africa.
A good level of walking fitness will be an advantage, but we hunt accordingly to each hunter’s ability, the terrain may be described as flat and easy walking. One will experience exhilarating wild bird shooting at its best over quality, well trained Pointers while sharing this exclusive opportunity to hunt on privately owned concessions ranging many thousands of acres.

Our daily program
A typical day begins with an early morning wake up and light breakfast after which we will depart for the day’s bird shooting. Shooting begins on arrival in the field until sunset. A typical South African brunch will be served in the field. During the heat on the day, we rest up for a couple of hours before the afternoon shoot session. At the end of the day’s shoot, we all gather for a photo session of the day’s bag and enjoy a sundowner drink before returning to the Lodge.
Delicious South African dinner will be served around 7.30 pm & after dinner, we share the day’s experience & stories around fireplace until bedtime.

Safari duration
A typical Upland bird shoot takes place over 2 to 3 days. Guests may combine an Upland shoot with some of Graham Sales Safaris’ tremendous big game hunting and photographic tourism opportunities.

What to bring & wear
Between May and August, is our cool winter months so good quality clothing is a must, waterproof ankle boots are one of the most important. The mornings & late afternoons will be cold so dressing in warm lightweight layers is recommended.
A quality warm jacket, gloves, beanie & fleece are recommended. A wide brim shooting hat or cap and ear protection plus a shooting vest is a necessity.

Guns & ammunition
We recommend 12 or 20 gauge over/under shotguns.
No Semi-auto’s will be permitted on Upland bird shoots.
We advise No.5 shot which we will supply during your safari.
With our experience, we find this combination ideal for all Upland bird shooting.

Ethics & conservation
We have strict measures in place to protect our wild bird populations of Spur Fowl and Partridge, no more than 20% of a population is harvested per annum. Hunters may expect to flush between 40 to 100 birds per day and bag between 20 to 30 birds depending on the number of hunters and shooting ability. Three guns being the ultimate size group, we encourage 3 to 4 hunters per group. Upland bird season is from the 1st May until the 31st July. Birds may be prepared and served for dinner on request while on safari, excess birds are prepared and frozen for future guests and staff.

Our accommodation

We offer comfortable upmarket safari lodge and country guest house accommodations. All rooms are en-suite with complimentary toiletries and hair dryers. Rooms are serviced daily and daily laundry services.


All-inclusive package for mixed bag wild bird shooting safari. Experience South Africa’s spectacular unspoiled wilderness and wild game bird hunting concessions.

Join Owner & Guide Graham Sales on a 10 night / 8 day bird shooting safari
Guineafowl – Spurfowl – Partridge – Waterfowl from blinds and high volume pigeon/dove shooting.
8 – 12 different species of wild game birds.

All-inclusive $5500 per gun.
Non-hunter $2400 per person.

Join Owner & Guide Graham Sales on this sensational & Colonial bird shooting Safari

Our wild bird shooting concessions are privately owned where we have exclusive hunting rights.

5 Days / 7 Nights  wild bird shooting – Guineafowl – Spurfowl – Partridge – Waterfowl from blinds and high volume pigeons/doves shooting. 8 – 12 different species of wild game birds.

All-inclusive $4350 per gun.
Non-hunter $1680.


Rates Include:
Accommodation in our luxury safari camp
All meals during your safari
Water and soft drinks
Professional Hunter, safari guide & transportation
Hunting permits and licenses
Pick up and drop off at the closest international airport

Rates exclude:
Staff and guide gratuities
Alcoholic beverages
Weapon and ammunition

General Bird Hunting Information

Southern Africa offers some of the world’s finest wing shooting. The diverse habitat, ranging from barren windswept mountains, down to sub-tropical low-lying wetlands, provides for the largest variety of gamebirds available in the country. Whether it be for the collector of specific gamebird species, or the avid wing shooter seeking the ultimate bird hunting experience, our premier wing shooting areas provide for all enthusiasts. Wing shooting in Africa and South Africa always delivers great results.

Bird hunting seasons vary from area to area, but generally March through to September are the prime months. The beginning of the season provides for some of the finest hot barrel pigeon shooting in the world.

The variety of bird species available ensure a varied wing shooting experience. In our northern areas, huge flocks of helmeted Guinea Fowl are found. Seven species of Francolin, including the extremely challenging Greywing are found in the vast mountains of the Eastern Cape above 6,000 feet; and are hunted over well trained pointers. Waterfowl, of which there are 12 different species, including the huge Spurwing Goose, are mostly shot from blinds and over decoys. For some really hot barrel shooting, nothing can beat the immense flocks of pigeons and doves shot over sunflower or cornfields.

Wing shooting safaris are tailored to suit each group’s specific requirements and can include photographic, sight seeing, and plains game hunting, these can all be added to vary the itinerary and cater for non-hunting companions. Due to the different wing shooting options and species, emphasis is placed on variety rather than quantity. However, early season hunts always see some really big bags.

We strongly recommend the use of 12 Gauge shotguns, as ammunition is readily available. Although we suggest a minimum of four hunters to plan an effective safari, we do cater for smaller, more exclusive groups. Get in touch with Graham Sales Safaris to book.



Doves and

*see video above

Guinea Fowl and Francolin


Wing Shooting in South Africa | Graham Sales Safaris
Wing Shooting in South Africa | Graham Sales Safaris
Wing Shooting in South Africa | Graham Sales Safaris
Wing Shooting in South Africa | Graham Sales Safaris

The Spurwing Goose, one of the world’s largest, is shot along with the smaller Egyptian Geese out of blinds over a spread of silhouette decoys. The Spurwing ganders average around 18 pounds and are true trophies.

High, low, and from every angle with a zig-zagging flight just to confuse things, that’s our doves and pigeons. The birds fly into harvested grain fields in a steady stream in the afternoons. The pigeons decoy well.

Guinea fowl are presented to the guns as in Europe’s driver fashion. This is highly challenging shooting and the chants and songs of the Zulu beaters add to the exciting atmosphere of the shoot. Francolin are shot over English and German Pointers on the edges of the grain fields.

Yellow-billed Duck, Red-billed Teal and White Faced Duck are the three species we shoot out of thatch blinds on the edge of small marshes or ponds. The Yellow-billed Duck and Red-billed Teal have decoys.

Our Wing Shooting Accommodation



Frequently Asked Questions


What is wing shooting in South Africa?


Wing shooting in South Africa refers to the hunting of birds in flight, using shotguns. It is a popular activity among both locals and tourists, with a wide variety of bird species available to hunt.


What types of birds can be hunted through wing shooting in South Africa?

South Africa is home to a diverse range of bird species, and many of them are available for wing shooting. Some popular game birds include the guinea fowl, francolin, quail, and various species of duck and geese.


Is wing shooting in South Africa legal?

Yes, wing shooting in South Africa is legal as long as hunters obtain the necessary permits and follow the regulations set by the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries.


What is the best time of year for wing shooting in South Africa?

The best time of year for wing shooting in South Africa is typically from May to August, which is the winter season. During this time, the weather is cool and dry, and many bird species are in season and available for hunting.


Are there any recommended locations for wing shooting in South Africa?

Yes, there are several recommended locations for wing shooting in South Africa, including game farms, hunting lodges, and private reserves. Some popular destinations include the Limpopo Province, Eastern Cape, and the Kalahari region. It is important to research and choose a reputable outfitter to ensure a safe and enjoyable hunting experience.