The Greater Balepye Nature Reserve


The Greater Balepye Nature Reserve (BNR) is located near the small town of Gravelotte – and is the land of the Balepye Ba ga Maenetja Community, the rainmakers. The Reserve is based on the conservancy principle, a joint venture between Balepye community and private business owners which are designated land for the preservation of natural resources, including game species. This initiative, sustainable safari hunting, and the local community’s involvement go hand in hand in making this a project a huge success.

This reserve is a 40 000 acre wilderness conservation area of unparalleled beauty where animals such as Leopard, Buffalo, Sable, Hippo, and Crocodile still roam free amongst majestic Mopani and Leadwood trees. The Sherhombe-Rhombe Rivier form a huge part of the ecosystem of the reserve feeding two lakes and sprawling into a serene riverine habitat fringed by Lala palms and giant Jackal berry trees.

Our “stone under thatch” Safari camp is located on a rocky outcrop under huge Nyala berry and Mopane trees. The camp has 4 airconditioned double rooms with all amenities and is built between the huge boulders that are prevalent in this area. The beautiful campfire area overlooks a small waterhole which attracts numerous small game species which adds to the uniqueness of our camp.

Sought after species are Cape Buffalo, Sable and Roan antelope, Nyala and the following plains game species:  Baboon, Blue Wildebeest, Bushbuck, Eland, Giraffe, Grey Duiker, Impala, Klipspringer, Southern Greater Kudu, Steenbok, Waterbuck, and Zebra.

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