Important information

Licences & permits – Game:

Licences & permits – Firearms:

Calibers & ammunition:

Ammunition we recommend:

Certain species requires special licences/or permits, in particular CITES permits. CITES permits can be obtained from federal wildlife permit office. On most plains game the trophy fee includes the licence fee.

Firearms require a temporary import permit. Please see below for downloads, or the “Hunters’ Support” website to assist you in obtaining these. ( Bow hunters do not need an import permit to bring their bows into the country.

For most plains game up to Eland, a 7mm Mag.,30-06,.300 Win. Mag./Weatherby,.338 Win. or similar calibers work well, and opt for the greatest bullet weight available per caliber. A minimum caliber of .375 is required by law for all dangerous game species.

Soft Points

  • Trophy Bonded Bear Claw
  • Swift A-Frame
  • Barnes X


  • (Good quality Monolithic)
  • Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer
  • Barnes Super Solids
  • Woodleigh

Terms of Business


We confirm a Safari on receipt of a deposit calculated at 50% of the total daily rate of the Safari, the balance of the calculated daily rates is due 6 months prior to the commencement of your Safari. (plains game only)

Please contact Graham Sales regarding deposit/payment when a Safari is booked in the Timbavati & Klaserie Private Nature Reserves


Graham Sales Safaris does not have any control over the rising costs of hunting.

That being said, all trophy fees and additional upgrades or costs will be based upon the year that the Safari takes place unless otherwise stated in your contract.


I understand that if I cancel my Safari within a period 180 (one hundred and eighty) days prior to the first day of my (initial) Safari, my deposit will be forfeited to GSS. If, in the sole discretion of GSS, it’s possible to reschedule my Safari, the deposit will not be forfeited and the Safari will be rescheduled. GSS, in exercising its discretion, will take into account such factors as the availability of the desired dates and species. If GSS deems it possible to reschedule my Safari I understand that there will be 20% (of deposit amount) “rescheduling fee” payable by me to GSS in addition to the costs of my Safari. For Safaris in the Timbavati / Klaserie Private Nature Reserves and Songimvelo Nature Reserve the aforementioned cancellation period will be 365 (three hundred and sixty-five) days.

Cancellation due to medical reasons: Should I be forced to cancel the Safari due to medical reasons, GSS, in its sole discretion, may allow me to reschedule the Safari to  mutually agreeable dates during the next Safari season. GSS, for their consideration, may also request me to provide them with a medical certificate stating the medical condition causing me to cancel the Safari. Should GSS decide not to reschedule the Safari but, in their sole discretion, consider the grounds for cancellation due to medical reasons to be valid, I will be entitled to a refund of my deposit less 10% thereof and less reasonable administration and banking costs incurred by GSS as a result of the cancellation.”



Full payment of your Safari is due on your last day of the Safari, either by means of cash, personal check or wire transfer. Credit card facilities available in certain areas, a 3.9% charge is applicable. (unfortunately we do not take American Express)