Songimvelo Nature Reserve


Graham Sales Safaris is proud to announce that we have been awarded the exclusive hunting rights by MTPA (Mpumalanga Tourist and Parks Agency) for 2018, 2019 and 2020 on South Africa’s largest Provincial Nature Reserve

Songimvelo Nature Reserve as well as Mashushe Shongwe Nature Reserve(no hunting occured on both Reserves for a period of 6 years-2011 till 2016)

The Reserve is the largest provincial reserve in South Africa and forms part of the Songimvelo-Malolotja Transfrontier Conservation Area, a peace park located south of Barberton in the south-eastern part of the Mpumalanga Province on the South African-Swaziland border.

The incredible beauty of its range of mountains, which forms one of the oldest regions on Earth, with incredible volcanic and sedimentary rocks, examples of which are exceeded only by those found in Greenland. Rolling hills, hidden valleys, wide open plains and forest ravines support an incredible diversity of wildlife, plants and habitats. Along the valley floor winds the Komati River, after which it flows into Swaziland and to the Indian Ocean.

The grassy plains of Songimvelo Nature Reserve are home to herds Buffalo, Blesbok, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Red Hartebeest and Zebra whilst within the wooded and hillside areas one will find Giraffe, Kudu, Mountain reedbuck and Elephant. There are also numbers of White Rhino on the Reserve.

The reserve where the film The Ghost in the Darkness was shot !

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