Timbavati & Klaserie

“It is not uncommon to see between 2 000 and 3 000 Buffalo during a 7 day Safari”

  • Cape Buffalo Hunting in Africa  Graham Sales Safaris

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  • Cape Buffalo Hunting in Africa |  Graham Sales Safaris


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  • Cape Buffalo Hunting in Africa |  Graham Sales Safaris


  • Cape Buffalo Hunting in Africa |  Graham Sales Safaris


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  • Cape Buffalo Hunting in Africa |  Graham Sales Safaris


  • Cape Buffalo Hunting in Africa |  Graham Sales Safaris


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Timbavati & Klaserie Private Nature Reserves

The Associated Private Nature Reserves is an association of privately owned nature reserves bordering the Kruger National Park, and collectively they represent
444 789 acres of land dedicated to conservation. In June 1993, in recognition of the importance of the area, the fences between the Kruger National Park and the APNR were removed to encourage natural wildlife migration. Man’s excursions into this part of the Lowveld have always been temporary and brief, from the early Stone Age through to the early 20th century. In fact, large tracts of land in the northern portion of the Lowveld were never permanently settled by man. These lands which now make up the APNR were barely touched, and are still only lightly inhabited. This part of South Africa’s bushveld region they may be regarded as truly unspoiled and they deserve recognition as genuine wild land, as opposed to the “restored” and “restocked” lands commonly found elsewhere.

The terrain is undulating with different altitudes which vary between 980 ft and 1640 ft above sea level. The area is characterized as ‘savanna bushveld’ with 6 different landscape types, the most prevalent being acacia and open woodland with Mopane scrub in the northern parts. With natural watering holes and riverbeds found in a favorable terrain, it is the perfect habitat that attracts a huge variety of game that includes Elephant, White and Black Rhino, Buffalo, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Kudu, Impala, Giraffe, Waterbuck, Warthog and some smaller antelope. These, in turn, attract a number of predators, such as Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Wild Dogs and Hyena, which makes this a popular choice for those in search of a real African wildlife experience. In essence, the Savannah landscape is classified as a vegetation type consisting of both a tree and grass layer with complex interactions between these two structural layers.

Klaserie & Timbavati Private Nature Reserves

Covering an impressive 148 263 acres of pristine wilderness, the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve was established in 1969 and officially proclaimed a Nature Reserve in 1972 as part of the Greater Kruger National Park and is one of the largest privately owned reserves in South Africa.

The Timbavati Nature Reserve was established in 1956 by conservation-minded landowners with the creation of the Timbavati Association that covers an area of 131 934 acres. The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is situated within the Savannah Biome of South Africa and lies nestled between the Kruger National Park on the east and the Klaserie Private Nature Reserves in the north. Contact Graham Sales Safaris for Klaserie Hunting and Timbavati Hunting.

It is not uncommon to see around 2 000 – 3 000 Buffalo on a seven-day hunting safari.

Graham Sales Safaris

Graham Sales Safaris offers exceptional trophy hunting safaris in the Timbavati and Klaserie Private Nature Reserves.

Both of these reserves form part of the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR), which allows free movement of the game across 444 789 acres of land.

Guests of Graham Sales Safaris will experience a totally free range hunt on one of Africa’s premier dangerous game hunting concessions.

We make the hunting experience a truly memorable one

Our traditional African Safari camp in the Timbavati is without a doubt the best way to get the most out of the African trophy hunting experience.

Each tent is an en-suite with hot and cold running water.

Lunch is usually served out in the bush on the banks of a dry riverbed or under a big old shady tree where we can relax for a few hours during the heat of the day and continue the hunt in the afternoon.

Please contact Graham Sales / Graham Sales Safaris for a detailed quotation on hunting the following species in these areas:

  • Buffalo Bulls
  • Buffalo Cows
  • Elephant
  • Hippo
  • Leopard

 * Permits are limited and need to be allocated at least 6 – 18 months in advance. Please keep this in mind when you are planning your hunt.