Pongola Game Reserve



This combination, an abundance of space and the results of a “light footprint” development philosophy are key ingredients of the special experience offered by Graham Sales Safaris on Pongola Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu Natal.
The reserve extends over part of the original area that, in 1894, was declared the Pongola Game Reserve by Paul Kruger, President of the old Transvaal Republic. The original reserve has since been re-proclaimed, in part, as the Pongola Nature Reserve, which is the present Pongola Game Reserve’s immediate neighbour.





The Pongola River, broad and perennial, meanders through the centre of the reserve before entering the 28 000-acre Jozini Lake. It provides a leisure environment unique for a South African safari destination.
The area is home to many typical plains game species, six of Africa’s Big Seven. It is also a birding “hotspot”. Over 350 species have so far been recorded here.

We also offer the following, Game drives, Boat cruises and Tiger fishing (seasonal)



Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pongola Game Reserve?

Pongola Game Reserve is a private game reserve located in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It covers an area of approximately 4,500 hectares and is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the Big Five.


What activities are available at Pongola Game Reserve?

There are several activities available at Pongola Game Reserve, including game drives, guided walks, birdwatching, fishing, and boat cruises. The reserve also offers guests the opportunity to participate in conservation and anti-poaching initiatives.


Can I stay overnight at Pongola Game Reserve?

Yes, Pongola Game Reserve offers a variety of accommodation options, including luxury tents, chalets, and a safari lodge. Guests can choose to stay on a self-catering or fully catered basis.


What is the minimum stay policy at Pongola Game Reserve?

The minimum stay policy at Pongola Game Reserve is two nights. This is to ensure that guests have enough time to fully experience all that the reserve has to offer and to minimize disruption to the wildlife.


Is Pongola Game Reserve suitable for families with children?

Yes, Pongola Game Reserve is a family-friendly destination and offers a range of activities and accommodation options that are suitable for children. The reserve also has a dedicated children’s program that includes educational activities and outdoor adventures.